The Hill

I intend to use this space to share with you some of my adventures, recommendations and general anecdotes; but with this being my first blog post, I see it fit to set the scene a little bit… some of you may know me well, some of you may have got to know me from following my adventures on Instagram (ph0ebe_br0wn), others reading this now will get to know me.

As a girl raised in rural Lancashire the outdoors were very much my playground.

Days were spent yomping across the fields, fishing by the river, den making and I seemed to have an irrational need to construct ‘vehicles’, I use the term loosely, to hurl myself down The Hill.

The Hill as my brother and I so creatively named it, was just that.. a relatively large hill that sat around 300 yards from the house, but in perfect view from the kitchen window of the family home. To the left the terrain was more treacherous… that was known as ‘The Rapids!’

So imagine this, it’s a beautiful summers day, there’s some mild but typical commotion stiring at the back end of the garden, something to be aware of maybe… but certainly nothing out of the ordinary. All at once the shed doors swing open – for the purpose of the story I will allow you to embellish this image, think mad scientist… think manic tint in my eye, puffs of smoke surrounding me.. good!

Skip on a brief moment and there I am.. poised on The Hill atop a contraption made from an old parcel carrier with questionable wheels, scrap wood and of course brute force and ignorance. Mother is some 300 yards away going about her motherly duties when she sees… her only daughter …hurtling down The Hill. That of course before the wheels stuck and the whole thing, myself included, left the ground and tumbled… tumbled.

A dramatic pause for good effect and to spare some sympathy for Mother… and I am back up on my feet… hooting and hollering and ready for run two!!

Why am I telling you these things then? Well essentially the story is still the same… although times moved on and a certain level of childhood frivolity has departed, I am still that same little girl. Curious of the unknown, unwittingly determined and of course occasionally scaring her loved ones half to death!

Me, on top of Mount Untersberg in the Austrian Alps (Elevation: 1972m)

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